We're a veteran-owned small business that handcrafts all our Hygiene products using what we find to be the best ingredients on the market.


Are any of your product's ingredients tested on Animals?


our Manufacturers are clear that their oils and other products are not tested on animals.

Do your products have anything that is considered harmful to sensitive skin?

Yes and No

The only product we use that is known to affect sensitive skin is what Fragrances we use in our bar soaps. The answer is also a no because if used in the suggested amount that our manufacturer tells us to, it is safe for even some sensitive skin types. To be extra safe, we go below what we are suggested to use.

Why use Fragrance Oils Instead of Essential Oils in your Soap Bars?

We use fragrance oils in our soap bars because fragrance oils generally last longer than essential oils.

Essential Oils do not withstand the soap-making process better than Fragrance Oils do by a long shot.

Do your bar soaps have an expiration date?


Bar soaps are considered anhydrous (a product that is free from water), and because of that, our bar soaps' shelf life is based on fragrance loss, change of color, or rancidity.

Is your Soap Made with Lye?

Yes, our soaps are made with Lye. All REAL soap is made with Lye. Sodium and Potassium Hydroxide (Lye) are the only way to make soap. If your skin, hair, or cleansing product is made without Lye, it is not soap; it is a detergent.

Do you teach classes?

In the Future, Soap Sloth will be doing TikTok tutorials on making soap and will use designs our followers give us for the soaps we are currently making!

Follow us on TikTok @soapsloth.

Do you have any deals?

If you've made it this far down, feel free to use our 10% discount code (FREN01). ^-^

Do we accept returns?


As long as your packaging was not opened, we will accept returns.  I cannot accept returns for our Sloth Merch though.

If you have any further inquiries, please email us at SoapSlothLLC@gmail.com, and we will try to work that out with you as soon as possible.